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Attention Scam Messages

Attention Scam Messages

Dear customers,
Recently, there has been an increase in attempts to deceive both our customers and, in general, buyers/consumers, through "phishing" electronic messages which are presented as coming from our company, even using our logo, with the aim of eavesdropping data and/or committing fraud.
Phishing messages
Phishing emails work like this:
• may be very similar to the messages our company sends to its customers.
• copy the logo, features and style of real emails;
• use language that conveys a sense of urgency.
• ask you to download an attached file to your device or click on an electronic link.
• The official communication of our company is always sent from [email protected]
• We never use providers like gmail, yahoo or other free email services to send emails.
Fraudulent SMS messages (Smishing)
SMS scams work like this:
They usually ask you to click a link or call a phone number in order to verify, update or reactivate your account.
The company's official communication via SMS is from the sender "TExpress" and viber or whatsup is not used.
Guidelines for cases of fraud
If you receive any such malicious email or SMS:
1. Stop, look and evaluate the message or SMS you just received. Take your time and do the necessary checks before taking any action.
2. Check the following carefully: compare the address with previous real messages you may have received. Check for misspellings, grammar or syntax errors.
3. If something seems suspicious to you, do not reply to the message, do not directly click on the link and do not download the attached file or image.
4. In case of any doubt, check our company website for relevant announcements. We advise you to be extremely careful and cautious. Please note that our company accepts no responsibility for any costs, charges or payments made not in accordance with the procedures, as a result of fraudulent activity.
In any case, we assure you that our company team is working intensively to deal with such incidents,
Thank you for your cooperation and we remain at your disposal for clarifications.


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