Travel Express Courier Services



Medical Services - Transferring blood samples, which are urgently and safely delivered, to various laboratories, clinics and/or hospitals throughout Cyprus.

Cash On Delivery – Customers can send a package with the order to collect money from the recipient. Upon delivery once the personnel been paid for the package then will call the customer to collect his/hers funds within 72 hours.

Aller/Retour – Send your shipment with orders to receive back a signed invoice or a receipt at the time of the delivery. This is the ideal service for businesses that need their credit invoice signed at the time of the delivery of the goods, and want to avoid the hassle and cost of dispatching one of their employees to do it. Additionally, this service includes up to 3 stops at government offices for applications and licenses, which the price varies differently based on waiting time and stops.

Door – to – Door Envelope or Parcel – The customer has to call 77 77 71 17 and arrange a convenient time for the courier to come and pick up the shipment. The shipment will be delivered to the recipient’s door at the requested address.

Branch – to – Door Envelope or Parcel – Drop the shipment to one of the company’s service points and the courier will deliver it to the recipient’s door, at the requested address.

Branch – to – Branch Envelope or Parcel - Drop the shipment at any of the 12 conveniently located service points of Travel Express and the recipient will receive a phone call notification of arrival of the shipment at the destination service point.

Money Transfers – Customers can send money easily, fast and reliably from €2.50 up to €10,000 per shipment via company’s 12 service points

Pre-paid vouchers Customers can buy various prepaid blocks and generate shipments at very good prices. (Ideal for engineers or other similar works)

Online Shipments Sign up with us and use the new platform for your shipments easily and fast.